BDCC Junior AGM 2023



Ben Salter (Junior Co-ordinator), Alan Young (Secretary), Jon Harris (Second Team & Sunday Captain), Peter Fell (Chairman), Keeley White, Simon Briggs, Kathryn Briggs, Rachael Cummins, Mick Reeves, Gemma Howarth, Jeanette Barnes (Director of Womens & Girls Cricket), Mark Pell, Helen Pell (Treasurer), Claira Morton, Zoe Whitnall, Judith Dixon, Joseph Dixon, Sam Limber, Oliver Holbrey, Leo McConway-Gee and Oscar McConway-Gee.

Apologies were received from Ryan Pell, Michael Fell, Alex Pepper and Carrie Fullerton .


Minutes and Matters Arising

The Chair summarised the minutes of the 2022 Junior AGM held on 27th November 2022, and they were accepted as a true record.  Claira Morton pointed out that a couple of the agreed actions had not been implemented: the development of a coaching plan & formulation of a junior committee.  The Chair acknowledged this and assured the meeting that this would be addressed for the coming season.

Chair’s Opening Comments

The Chair stated that he was pleased with the progress made by the junior section, highlighting  the Summer Camps, which raised almost £3,000 for the club, and the Friday evening training sessions.  He went on to mention some of the challenges in running the U13s, and referred to isolated instances of conflict with a number of parents.  He thanked all the coaches and volunteers who helped to enable to club to provide so many opportunities for our junior players to further develop their cricketing skills throughout 2023.

The junior manager/co-ordinators were then invited to provide a brief resume of their team’s season.

Under 9s:  Lee McMahon was not present, but it was acknowledged that the U9s had enjoyed a good season and had benefitted from some excellent coaching throughout the year.

Under 11s:  Mick Reeves reported that the U11s had won four and lost four matches, but were very competitive and the players had become more confident in facing the hard ball.  He mentioned that two players had been put forward to have trials for Doncaster District.

Under 13s:  The meeting agreed that it had been a difficult year for the U13s, with the absence of a permanent coach/manager being cited as the main reason.  Four players had left the club due to parents being unhappy with the quality and quantity of training/coaching being provided by the club, but it was hoped that if improvements were made, some could return for next season.

Under 15s:  The under 15s were withdrawn from the league prior to matches commencing, due to a shortage of players.

Under 18s:  Ben Salter reported that the U18s had coped well with having to play in two leagues, often against older players.  Although the results were not great, he pointed out that most matches were very competitive and that experience had helped the players to further develop.  Following discussion, it was agreed that next season the U18s would be entered in only one league.

Financial Update

Helen Pell (Treasurer) informed the meeting that the club currently had almost £9,163 in the bank, with no significant liabilities.  She highlighted that this year was the first the club had introduced regular monthly payments of £20, and that there were about 30 members utilising this facility.  Helen sought feedback from the parents present as to how well the system had worked, and Gemma Howarth stated that the parents she had liaised with felt that it had worked effectively.  There were some comments to suggest that the U13s did not consistently obtain value for money, and Kathryn Briggs recommended that a simple contact be developed to make clear what juniors could expect in return for their regular £20 monthly payments.

Election of Junior Managers for 2024

The following were elected to be team managers for the 2024 season:

  • Under 9s Lee McMahon
  • Under 11s Mick Reeves
  • Under 13s Paul Reeves
  • Under 15s Keeley White (supported by Simon White & Scott Jones)
  • Under 18s Ben Salter

Junior Management Committee

The Chair explained that it was important that the club acted to create a separate junior management committee, as was agreed the previous year.  The committee should comprise parent representatives from each age group, and have the ability to raise issues directly and promptly with the Management Committee.  The Chair assured the meeting that this would be in place for the 2024 season.

Women and Girls Cricket

Jeanette Barnes summarised the progress made by the Women’s team this season, and stressed the need to attract more girls to the team.  She went on to highlight the excellent contribution made by Louise Dixon (aged 14) and invited her mum to say a few words.  Judith Dixon explained how much Louise had enjoyed playing with older ladies and had really grown in confidence throughout the season.

Any Other Business

The Chair then invited those present to make any further comments, and the following points were raised:

  • Helen Pell informed the meeting that, due to the Hungerhill cricket nets being further damaged recently, various options were being considered for the Indoor Nets due to commence in January 2024.
  • Leo McConway-Gee pointed out that the U18s could join the adults for indoor net sessions, as this would create more space for the younger age groups;

There being no other business, the Chair thanked all for their contributions and closed the meeting at 8-15pm.

Alan Young   (Secretary)                           

BDCC , 13th October 2023