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Peter Fell (Chair), Alan Young (Secretary), Helen Pell (Treasurer), Frank Tyas, Ben Salter (Junior Co-ordinator), Jon Harris (2nd team & Sunday Captain), Alan Norris, Jeanette Barnes (Womens & Girls Director) and Mark Pell.

Apologies were received from Lewis Mallinson, Stuart Taylor and Rachael Cummins.

Minutes and Action Points from previous meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 19th June 2023 were approved as a true record, and all Action Points had been cleared, with the following matters arising:

  1. The Chair reported that Stuart Taylor had arranged for four sponsorship boards and a general Club board to be constructed by a local firm at a cost of £122 plus VAT each;
  2. The Chair met with a number of disgruntled parents of Under 13s. A meeting with about a dozen U13 parents was subsequently arranged for 20th July, where it was agreed that:
    1. The Chair would arrange a couple of friendlies in August for the U13s;
    2. The Junior Presentation event will be held on Friday 8th September with all children receiving a free ice cream, hot dog and drink;
    3. The Junior AGM will be held in early October, where key roles will be appointed to improve the communication between the junior section and the Management Committee. Helen Pell agreed to consult the parents of the juniors to determine the date for the AGM, provisionally suggested as either the 4th or 11th of October.  (ACTION – HP)
  3. Mark Pell had arranged to provide some racking for the container, with more to follow in due course;
  4. Frank Tyas agreed to liaise with Jeanette Barnes to discuss how his generous donation to buy a trophy for the ladies team would be taken forward.

Financial Update

The Treasurer informed the meeting that there was currently £11,673 in the Bank.  Significant items of expenditure incurred since the last meeting included payment of rent to the sports Association of £2,000, a new crease marker (£156), small scoreboard for the juniors £116, payment of £200 to Alex Pepper for coaching the All Stars.  The main income received recently was summer camp entries (£1,150) and Ashes Tickets (£240).  Outstanding fees included the balance of rent to the Sports Association (£1,000), summer camp coaching fees (approx. £1,100), umpire payments (£300) and advertising boards (£750).

The Chair asserted that Jon Harris, who coached the All Stars with Alex, should also be paid £200 (ACTION – HP)

Team Updates & Current Issues

First X1

In Lewis Mallinson’s absence, Ben Salter provided an update, stating that the first X1 had been unable to consistently field the same team, and that this was adversely impacting upon performance.  He commented on being unlucky with the weather on several occasions, and acknowledged that the overall standard of Division 4 of the YCSPL was higher than Division 2 of the PDCL.  Ben confirmed that every effort will be made to climb from the bottom of the table.

Second X1 and Sunday X1

Jon bemoaned the weather, which has claimed five fixtures already this season.  The 2nd team were currently in second place and were due to play the league leaders (Elsecar) at the weekend.  He stated that the Sunday team were performing well in the higher division, with the juniors continuing to make significant progress.  Jon stated that he would not be standing for captain of either side next season, largely due to frustrations relating to the lack of league appointed umpires and difficulties finding someone to prepare the teas.


Womens and girls

Jeanette reported that she was pleased with the performance of the ladies team, who were currently mid table with four away games left to play.  She stated that she has amassed a squad of about nine players.  She added that more new balls would be required for next season, and that the ladies would not be entering the Winter league.  The Ladies had recently won a mni competition at Clumber Park (featuring Doncaster Town), and had been invited to play at Chatsworth Park!


Ben reported that the U18s had played lots of games this season, and had been competitive in most.  It was agreed that the u18s would only be entering one league next season.  Ben also stated that it was important that the U18s are managed by a parent next season.

The Chair observed that the U9s were doing well under the leadership of Lee and Naomi McMahon, as were the U11s under the direction of Mick Reeves.

It was noted that Paul Reeves was considering taking the U13 coaching role for next season.

Sports Association & Parish Council liaison

Helen Pell provided feedback from her inaugural attendance (with Naomi) at the Sports Association meeting, where approval was given to request the permission of the Parish Council for the club to resume selling alcohol.  She observed that the welcome given to them was not very warm.

The Secretary informed the meeting that, following the Parish Council meeting held on 19th July, he had contacted the clerk for news of their decision, only to be told to contact the Sports Association!   Having contacted the secretary of the Sports Association for further information, no response had been received.

Helen stated that Naomi had agreed to attend the next Sports Association meeting scheduled for 2nd August.

All Stars & Summer Camp

Stuart Taylor had provided an update for the meeting, stating that the numbers for All Stars we low this year, requiring both age groups to merge.  The Summer Camps were again proving to be popular, with over 100 days being booked already.  The Secretary stated that James Ward would be providing three coaches, and with almost 40 children booked onto the first session on 1st August, there was an opportunity for the club to provide an addition coach and pay them an appropriate fee, of say £60.

Play Cricket and DBS

The Secretary stated that the DBS applications of Simon White, Scott Jones and James Copley were in progress.

He also mentioned that it was important that scorers made a note of the names of the umpires and scorers where possible, to enable full compliance with the Play Cricket result recording.  Helen Pell pointed out that there was no place within the PC Scorer App to record these details.

Club Development Plan

The Secretary reminded the meeting that as part of our successful Clubmark accreditation, we produced a Club Development Plan.  He went on to report that this was now in need of updating, and that he would communicate will all club members to request ideas, and the form a small working group to generate an updated Plan to present to the Committee (ACTION – AY)

Any Other Business

Helen Pell informed the meeting that she had provisionally booked the Glasshouse for Friday 6th October for the Presentation Night, where the DJ would be £150 and a hot buffet would be £14-90 per head.  Following a brief discussion, it was agreed to go ahead with this, and that the event should be ticket only.  Helen agreed to confirm the booking. (ACTION – HP)

The Treasurer posed the question why the scorer was paid £20, but nothing was given to whoever provides the Teas.  The Chair acknowledged the point made, and agreed that it was something to discuss at the AGM ahead of next season.

The annual Charity Day will be held on Sunday 27th August.  It was reported that Alex Pepper has agreed to arrange for teams to attend to participate in a competition (ACTION - AP).  Jeanette mentioned that she was arranging a Ladies game to start the day off.

The next meeting was agreed to be on Thursday 24th August, commencing 6pm at the Pavilion.  The Chair closed the meeting at 8-15pm.

Alan Young   (Secretary)         

BDCC 29th July 2023