Barnby Dun Cricket Club AGM 19th November 2023

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Barnby Dun Cricket Club on Sunday 19th  November 2023 at Barnby Dun Social Club, commencing 6pm.


Pete Fell (Chair), Alan Young (Secretary), Michael Fell, Ben Salter (Junior Co-ordinator), Jeanette Barnes (Director of Women & Girls Cricket), Jon Harris (Second X1 Captain), James Copley, Keeley White, Alex Pepper, Steve Pepper, Sam Connick, Louise Jerrison, Margaret Norris, Rachael Cummins, Frank Tyas, Ian Dixon, Joseph Dixon, Sam Limber, Alan Decent, Nanette Decent, George Atkinson, James Copley, Suzi Lister, Helen Pell (Treasurer), Oscar McConway-Gee, Leo McConway-Gee, Oliver Cummins, Marc Pell, Simon White, Natasha White, Alan Moore, Dave Barrett, Nick Ashton, Dale Lattimore, Ron Bullars (President) and James Brookes.

Apologies were received from Stuart Taylor, Ryan Pell, Jack Pell, Ciaran McCarthy, Alan Norris, Linzi Limber, Gemma Howarth and Niall McCarthy.


The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 27th November 2022 were reviewed and passed as a true record.  There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report.  The Chairman, Pete Fell, presented his report reproduced below:

If anyone tells you being Chairman of Barnby Dun CC is easy don't believe them. I’ve been the club’s elected chairman for over 10 years and the task of trying to listen to everyone and keep everyone happy has become more difficult. People and groups of people must try and understand the bigger picture and the consequences of their actions - be careful what you wish for. One cricket club please.

Our first season in the South Yorkshire Senior League has by and large gone well with mixed fortunes. The 1st team were relegated while the 2nd team were promoted. Thanks to everyone who represented the club, especially our captains. The Cricket club Ladies team have gone from strength to strength and played all over South Yorkshire and beyond.  Well done girls. The Sunday and mid-week teams have, as always, played some enlightening cricket. This has once again been a platform for our Juniors under the watchful eye of our senior players.  Nice one.   Under 9-11-13-18 again represented our club here there and everywhere. Smiling, having fun, winning losing & growing up together to become better people. This would not happen without the fantastic support of our coaching team. These people give up their time and without their commitment, the cricket club would be worse off.  Thanks a million to you all.

Some of the problems this year have not been of our doing. The weather has been a shocker and caused a number of problems.  The removing of our ability to fund raise by selling alcohol at the ground was ridiculous - hopefully common sense will break out. But we move on. The ups and downs of most sports clubs.   Let's hope our Friday nights next year are hot hot hot so everyone at the club can once again enjoy themselves.  Bring it on.

May I wish our new captains good luck for the new season and ask all senior teams to raise a £1000 for the benefit of our cricket club. Finally, many thanks to our sponsors, helpers, parents, players, supporters and the team behind the team who once again have, in their own way, endeavoured to do the best for our cricket club resulting in the position we are in today.

Merry Christmas and a happy Cricketing New Year.  Chairman Pete


Treasurers Report

Helen Pell presented a summary of the annual accounts, concluding that the club now had £9,050 in the bank and had made a surplus of £7,020 during the financial year ending 31st October.  She handed out a copy of the accounts and highlighted that the increase in refreshments profits was partly due to the excellent food sessions Natasha White had delivered during the season.  She added that the new system of juniors paying £20 per month for nets, training and match fees had worked well and led to a significant increase in income from our 35 junior members.

The Chair thanked Helen for the excellent work she had done throughout the year in managing the club’s finances.

The Accounts were accepted and approved.

Election of Officials

The following officers were elected to serve for the 2024 season:

President – Ron Bullars

Chair – Benjamin Salter

Secretary – Louise Jerrison

Vice-Secretary – Niall McCarthy

Treasurer – Helen Pell

Website Administrator – Sam Connick

Frogbox Technician – Marc Pell

Director of Womens & Girls Cricket  – Jeanette Barnes

First Team Captain –  Alex Pepper

First Team Vice-Captain – Dave Barrett

Womens Captain – Suzi Copley

Womens Vice Captain – Louisa Dixon

Second Team Captain – James Copley

Second Team Vice-Captain – Nick Ashton

Sunday Team Captain – Sam Connick

Sunday Team Vice Captain – to be appointed by Captain on mathchday

Midweek Captain – Michael Fell

Midweek Vice-Captain –  to be appointed by Captain on matchday

Child Welfare Officer – Gemma Howarth

Under 9s Parent representative – Claire Langford

Under 11s Parent representative – Lucy Elsmore

Under 13s and Under 15s Parent representative – Claira Morton

Under 18s Parent representative – Ian Dixon

Trustees – Jay Horne, Alan Decent, Alan Norris, Steve Pepper and Linzi Limber.

Management Committee – The elected executive officers detailed above, plus Frank Tyas, Rachael Cummins, Margaret Norris, Nanette Decent, George Atkinson, Natasha White and Peter Fell.

Proposed Cricket Tour

Michael Fell informed the meeting that he was exploring the option of arranging a club tour in 2024 or 2025 to either London (at a cost of about £485 per person) or Spain (at a cost of about £1,000 per person).

The tours would be delivered by James Clarke (SLT Tours) and would include accommodation and matches against local opposition.

It was agreed the details would be discussed at a future Management Meeting, together with options for fund raising to help with the costs.

Cricket Scoring Courses

Jeanette Barnes informed the meeting that the SY W&G Cricket League we running a series of courses for scorers covering manual scoring, basic laws related to scoring and how to score on a tablet/laptop.  The courses will be held at Whiston Forge CC (20/1/24), Millhouses CC (10/2/24), Shaw Lane, Barnsley CC (25/2/24) and Tickhill CC (10/3/24).  Jeanette asked that anyone interested in attending should let her know to allow her to book them on the course.

Any Other Business

The Chair concluded the meeting by asking those present to raise any issues they may have.  The following matters were raised, and will be considered formally by the Management Committee in due course:

Dale Lattimore requested that Stella be purchased for sale after matches in the Pavilion as this would encourage players to stay for a couple of beers and thus boost club profits.

Ben Salter reminded the meeting that three long standing officers of the club were stepping down after many years as executive officials of Barnby Dun CC.  Peter Fell, Stuart Taylor and Alan Young were not standing for re-election in their respective roles of Chair, Technical Director and Secretary.  Ben presented them each with a voucher and thanked them on behalf of BDCC for their services to the club.

Keeley White mentioned that a patio area in front of the Pavilion would enhance the facilities and encourage people to stay for a drink after the match.

Frank Tyas reminded the meeting that the YCSPL will be placing greater responsibility for team and player discipline with captains.  In future, if there are any disciplinary incidents, he said that the umpire will be asked whether the captain could have done more to manage the situation, and where fines were issued, the captain would be hit the hardest.

James Copley pointed out that the sponsors of some lady cricketers did not benefit from their name being posted on the relevant social media team sheets.

Peter Fell was presented with a gift from the Ladies section thanking him for all his hard work in preparing the ground and looking after them throughout the season.

There being no other business, the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 7-25pm.

Alan Young   (Secretary)


20th November 2023

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