Barnby Dun Cricket Club AGM 17th January 2021

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Barnby Dun Cricket Club on Sunday 17th  January 2021 via Zoom, commencing 7pm.


Pete Fell (Chair), Alan Young (Treasurer), Michael Fell, Ben Salter (Secretary), Ron Bullars (President), Jeanette Barnes, John Harris, Simon White, James Copley, Jay Horne, Keiran Marklew, Stuart Taylor, Niall McCarthy, Ciaran McCarthy, Anthony Shenton, Frank Tyas and George Atkinson.

Apologies were received from Gary Flatley.


The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held in January 2020 were reviewed and passed as a true record.  There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman, Pete Fell, presented his report reproduced below:

“The year started full of promise. 150 years of our cricket club to celebrate new, shirts, good junior section improving, new Captain, new players etc etc.
Then the Covid virus hit the world not just Barnby Dun CC. So many things happened to our cricket club totally out of our control. Some of those things in particular would have broken many cricket clubs. However, everyone bar none dug in and got on with it and showed great resolve. Thank you to everyone for all your efforts, especially captain Ben Salter who wore so many hats for BDCC this year l don’t know where he keeps them all.

On the playing front our new players have added a new dimension to our great club- everyone played their part supporting the captain. During the half season we played and the cricket I personally watched and enjoyed, it was very rewarding and fills me with optimism for the future. The game at Glasshoughton when I saw Niall score a century, unfortunately losing the game off the very last ball reflects in many ways our season.

Our junior section has come on in leaps and bounds with the coaching in-house and summer cricket camps during lockdown noticed by many, hence the numbers. Good comments from the cricket world and our community have been noted. Thanks to everyone for your efforts.

Behind every cricket club there is another team. Barnby Dun CC players and members are very lucky to have what l call the other team. These people do a magnificent job 52 weeks a year: if it’s All Stars Dynamos cricket and Chartered Status club, recognition grants from ECB and local community Alan Young is great.  Stuart Taylor helps with grant sourcing as well as Web site construction and updates.  Child protection, grounds pavilion & maintenance. Meetings to attend etc etc , someone has to do it.  As chairman l can hand on heart say our club has an A team of people working behind the scenes so everyone can enjoy themselves and play with a smile on their face.


Thank you to everyone.

Chairman Peter Fell.”


Treasurers Report

Alan Young provided a summary of the club’s financial position, stating that we had made a “profit” of about £6,346 during the year.  The club now had approximately £10,250 in the bank.

In presenting the accounts the treasurer made the following points:

  • The club had secured three grants during the last year, totalling £15,000. Some £4,700 of the cash in the bank was grant income ring-fenced to cover the cost of a scarifier (£1,000), picnic tables (£1,000) and professional coaching for the juniors (£2,700);
  • The purchase and sale of BDCC shirts and the 150 year anniversary book had led to a net loss of over £1,300;
  • With a good Easter/Summer Draw and the effective collection of subscriptions, the club should be well placed to purchase an electronic scoreboard for the upcoming season; and
  • The BDCC accounts had not been “audited” for at least 17 years. The constitution currently required the accounts to be audited annually.

Michael Fell informed the meeting that he still had some stocks of new shirts, and Ben Salter said that he had some new BDCC anniversary books yet to be distributed.

The Treasurer stated that there was no legal obligation to have the accounts professionally audited.  Frank Tyas suggested an independent review of the accounts be undertaken prior to submission to the AGM, and Jeanette Barnes agreed to undertake this role.  The Treasurer suggested that our Constitution be reviewed and updated, and agreed to circulate a revised version for members to consider.  The Chairman suggested that a Zoom meeting be arranged for Sunday 21st February (7pm) to review and approve the revised Constitution and also to discuss the Clubmark application (see below).

Election of Officials

The following officers were elected to serve for the 2021 season:

President – Ron Bullars

Chair – Pete Fell

Secretary – Alan Young

Treasurer – Alan Young

First Team Captain –  Ben Salter

First Team Vice Captain – Niall McCarthy

Sunday league Co-ordinator – John Harris

Evening League Captain – Michael Fell

Child Welfare Officer – James Copley

Administrative Director – Stuart Taylor

Junior Co-ordinator - Ben Salter

Trustees – Mark Nurse, Barry Smith, Ron Bullars, Alan Decent, Alan Norris and Stuart Macphee.

Management Committee – Jeanette Barnes, Yvette Barnes, John Harris and Frank Tyas.


Following a detailed discussion, it was agreed that for 2021 subscription levels should be as follows:

Adults - £30

Juniors - £15

It was agreed that all subscriptions must be paid by 31st May.

Match fees were to remain at £10 per adult and £5 for juniors, students and players over the age of 65.



Ben Salter informed the meeting that he proposed to enter an Under 9s (softball), Under 11s, Under 13s  and Under 15s team in the 2021 Doncaster Junior Cricket League.  All agreed that Ben, supported by Michael Fell, was doing a great job to re-establish the juniors into the club.

Ben highlighted the fact that of the nine players recently joining the club from Brodsworth Main CC, three were qualified coaches (Simon White, Anthony Shenton & Dennis White) and all were very keen to help out with the coaching of juniors next season.



Following a discussion, it was agreed that the club should purchase Reader Sovereign PDCL cricket balls for next season.  It was estimated that we need 60 balls, but that we already held a number of new balls from last season.  All were asked to notify the Secretary as soon as possible how many new ball they currently held, and the Secretary agreed to place the order with Mike Crossland (Secretary of the Pontefract & District Cricket League) for the required number.



The Treasurer informed the meeting that whilst some progress had been made in relation to the club acquiring the ECB Clubmark accreditation, it would be useful to capture the thoughts and ideas of all members to enable the club development plan to be constructed.  The Treasurer agreed to forward some questions to Ben Salter, who would in turn place them on the What’s App site to capture player views.  In addition, the management committee would be given sight of the issues and questions to consider ahead of the meeting scheduled for Sunday 21st February (see above).


Website Investment

The Administrative Director explained to the meeting that the current platform for our website (Moonfruit) was not able to handle Adobe Flash player, making it difficult to maintain and improve.  Although the Play Cricket site offered a basic platform, Stuart highlighted the potential benefits of moving to a new modern site hosted by WordPress, at an initial development cost of £650 plus annual maintenance costs of £180.

Following a discussion, it was agreed that the club should invest in the new platform, which allowed e-commerce, and the Administrative Director was asked to go ahead and make the necessary arrangements.


Any Other Business

The Chair concluded the meeting by asking those present to raise any issues they may have.  The following matters were raised:

  • The Secretary raised the issue of whether the club was still minded to apply to join the South Yorkshire League with effect from the 2022 season. Following a detailed discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the club should indeed apply to join the SYCL and the Secretary agreed to formally contact Mike Crossland of the Pontefract & District Cricket League to formally resign from the league following the 2021 season;


  • James Copley advised that the team selection process for next season should involve face to face meetings of the First and Second team captains. Both Ben and John agreed that this would be the case;


  • Several members wished to formally welcome the nine players moving to BDCC from Brodsworth Main CC, and looked forward to many enjoyable years ahead;


  • Simon White suggested that a pre-season friendly be arranged between a mix of all the current BDCC first and second team players. This was agreed.


  • Frank Tyas reflected that Allerton Bywater CC had almost folded a few years ago, but had now turned things round! He also mentioned that he was aware of a possible grant to support the cost of the website development, and agreed to forward details on to the Secretary; and


  • Stuart Taylor appealed for volunteers to help out with the ground maintenance during the season to support the tremendous efforts of our Chairman/Groundsman.

There being no there business, the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9-15pm.

Alan Young   (Secretary)


19 January 2021

Proud to be part of