Barnby Dun CC 1st XI

BD 1st XI v Newton Hill21-3

Barnby Dun Cricket Club 1st XI- good luck in Division 3

Barnby Dun 1st XI Fixtures 2021

Saturday April 17, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Newton Hill
Barnby Dun Featherstone Town
Calder Grove Stainborough
Fenwick Horbury Bridge
Notton Pledwick
Thurnscoe Institute Old Sharlston 'A'
Saturday April 24, 2021
Barnby Dun Notton
Featherstone Town Ackworth 'A'
Horbury Bridge Stainborough
Newton Hill Thurnscoe Institute
Old Sharlston 'A' Fenwick
Pledwick Calder Grove
Saturday May 01, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Pledwick
Calder Grove Horbury Bridge
Fenwick Featherstone Town
Notton Old Sharlston 'A'
Stainborough Newton Hill
Thurnscoe Institute Barnby Dun
Saturday May 08, 2021
Barnby Dun Fenwick
Featherstone Town Calder Grove
Horbury Bridge Newton Hill
Notton Thurnscoe Institute
Old Sharlston 'A' Ackworth 'A'
Pledwick Stainborough
Saturday May 15, 2021
Calder Grove Fenwick
Horbury Bridge Old Sharlston 'A'
Newton Hill Barnby Dun
Pledwick Featherstone Town
Stainborough Notton
Thurnscoe Institute Ackworth 'A'
Saturday May 22, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Barnby Dun
Calder Grove Old Sharlston 'A'
Fenwick Notton
Newton Hill Pledwick
Stainborough Featherstone Town
Thurnscoe Institute Horbury Bridge
Saturday May 29, 2021
Barnby Dun Stainborough
Featherstone Town Horbury Bridge
Fenwick Ackworth 'A'
Notton Calder Grove
Old Sharlston 'A' Newton Hill
Pledwick Thurnscoe Institute
Saturday June 05, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Notton
Calder Grove Barnby Dun
Horbury Bridge Pledwick
Newton Hill Featherstone Town
Stainborough Old Sharlston 'A'
Thurnscoe Institute Fenwick
Saturday June 12, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Calder Grove
Barnby Dun Horbury Bridge
Featherstone Town Thurnscoe Institute
Fenwick Stainborough
Notton Newton Hill
Old Sharlston 'A' Pledwick
Saturday June 19, 2021
Calder Grove Thurnscoe Institute
Featherstone Town Old Sharlston 'A'
Horbury Bridge Notton
Newton Hill Fenwick
Pledwick Barnby Dun
Stainborough Ackworth 'A'
Saturday June 26, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Horbury Bridge
Barnby Dun Old Sharlston 'A'
Calder Grove Newton Hill
Fenwick Pledwick
Notton Featherstone Town
Thurnscoe Institute Stainborough
Notton Stainborough
Old Sharlston 'A' Horbury Bridge
Saturday August 07, 2021
Barnby Dun Ackworth 'A'
Featherstone Town Stainborough
Horbury Bridge Thurnscoe Institute
Notton Fenwick
Old Sharlston 'A' Calder Grove
Pledwick Newton Hill
Saturday August 14, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Fenwick
Calder Grove Notton
Horbury Bridge Featherstone Town
Newton Hill Old Sharlston 'A'
Stainborough Barnby Dun
Thurnscoe Institute Pledwick
Saturday August 21, 2021
Barnby Dun Calder Grove
Featherstone Town Newton Hill
Fenwick Thurnscoe Institute
Notton Ackworth 'A'
Old Sharlston 'A' Stainborough
Pledwick Horbury Bridge
Saturday August 28, 2021
Calder Grove Ackworth 'A'
Horbury Bridge Barnby Dun
Newton Hill Notton
Pledwick Old Sharlston 'A'
Stainborough Fenwick
Thurnscoe Institute Featherstone Town
Saturday September 04, 2021
Ackworth 'A' Stainborough
Barnby Dun Pledwick
Fenwick Newton Hill
Notton Horbury Bridge
Old Sharlston 'A' Featherstone Town
Thurnscoe Institute Calder Grove
Saturday September 11, 2021
Featherstone Town Notton
Horbury Bridge Ackworth 'A'
Newton Hill Calder Grove
Old Sharlston 'A' Barnby Dun
Pledwick Fenwick
Stainborough Thurnscoe Institute

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